Salveto, in its present and ongoing state, was established in 2016 by Dmitrii Curbet and Gray Mosby; two guys with years of experience in the wine industry in Virginia and DC. They also shared one unique common denominator: both of their mothers are wine-makers. Dmitrii’s mum now retired, made wine in Moldova for decades. Gray’s mother, started making wine in the late ’90s in New Zealand, following a lifelong dream. 


Dmitrii began under the name Salveto in 2008, importing wine from his native Moldova. Gray started importing his mother’s wine, Puriri Hills, a few years before. They joined forces in 2016 as Salveto Imports and Distribution. 


Presently Salveto imports wine from 7 countries and distributes wine from 15 countries. Salveto is based in Alexandria VA and distributes in VA, DC, and MD. Additionally, Salveto imports are sold in other States in the US. 

Our Family


Dmitrii Curbet


loves all things cars

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Gray Mosby


family man

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grew up in the wine world


Malcolm Riddle

NOVA Sales Rep

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world varietal searcher

born DC Native

dedicated father of two


Amy Sebra

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jane of all trades



Casey Hristakos


Alice Smythe Davidson

office & bookeeping

mother, reader, cook

luckyheartvegan chef/owner

Frequently asked questions

Where is Salveto based?

Salveto’s warehouse and GHQ is in Alexandria, VA, just off Franconia Road (closer to Springfield than Old Town, if that helps) Salveto Imports & Distribution
6306 Gravel Ave Unit B : Alexandria VA 22310 phone: 703.707.0644

From where does Salveto import?

Salveto imports wine from: Moldova, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece and Argentina. We also distribute wine from Mexico, France, Italy, Chile, South Africa, Brazil, as well as California, Oregon, Washington, and New York.

How long has Salveto been in business?

Many of the principals, partners, products, and employees have worked together since 2006 under a different company name! BUT they started working together as “Salveto” in 2016. We want to extend gratitude to the people that made our earlier days special, you truly helped us get to where we are now.

Does Salveto work through Fintech for payment?

Yes, and we wish everyone would as well! It makes deliveries so much easier. Click here to download a PDF copy.

Does Salveto market their products through Sevenfifty?

Presently, Salveto does not work with Sevenfifty. However, we are interested to hear your opinions on this.

WHERE does Salveto deliver?

We deliver in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Charlottesville, Baltimore, suburban Maryland (Frederick & Annapolis) and typically points in between. We are happy to try to work out special arrangements for deliveries to areas we presently do not have sales and logistical coverage in. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.

WHEN Does Salveto Deliver?

The simple answer is as often as we can. However, with four sprinter vans, and one large cargo truck, we typically have set days for each geographic area. Richmond:Thursday & Friday. Charlottesville: Friday. The District of Columbia: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday. Northern VA (Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, and areas connected): Tuesday & Friday. Leesburg & West: Wednesday & Thursday. Suburban Maryland & Baltimore: Wednesday - Friday Frederick MD: Wednesday Annapolis: Friday This is typically how our delivery schedule goes, with the exception of holidays. If you need an order delivered on a different day please message us, we would ve happy to work with you!

Does Salveto have a Sales Representatives and delivery schedule in Tidewater areas?

Presently we do not have any Sales coverage, or regular logistics established in Tidewater. We would like to fully develop this territory and will be working towards that goal. We have been able to make irregular deliveries, so if you would like to work with us, let us know by calling the office or clicking on the "Make an Appointment" button on this website. We will do our best to fulfill your orders.


Matty McGuigan

territory manager

brand manager




Bryan Smith

portfolio director

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Ebo Manduul

warehouse manager

team player

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