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Landlocked Country Neighboring Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Home to Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert and Amazon Basin rainforest.

Samaipata is a between the Andes’ Elbow and the Siberia mountain ridge, guarding in its vineyards four centuries of wine history.

These lands have witnessed the passage of Chanes, Incas, Guaranis and Spaniards.

Travel South along the Andes 475 miles South, and you’ll find Tarija, Bolivia’s largest and most traditional wine region.

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100% of Bolivian vineyards are high-altitude

Starting at 5,250’ and reaching over 9,800’

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Bolivia’s vineyards total only about 1.5 percent of the 550,000 acres in neighboring Argentina.

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Bolivia’s annual productionis 8.3 million liters(among the world’s 25 billion liters)

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100% of grape harvesting in Bolivia is done by hand.

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The Remote Mountains Producing Some of the World’s Healthiest Wines- grapes grown in Bolivia contain up to 10 times more resveratrol than those grown at lower elevations.

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The production of high quality wines in Bolivia is something the entire country is Bolivian proud of. In fact, part of the reason it has not been exported previously is because Bolivians love Bolivian wine.

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