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February Featured Wines

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


Bosman Chenin Blanc 2020

During Black History Month our thoughts are on the upwelling of diversity that we are beginning to see in the wine industry. Women and minorities are making great strides and we want to be part of it, tell those stories and see that change expand. Natasha Williams is one of only a handful of black women Winemakers on the African continent. We are loving her influence on the Bosman wines and are sure you will too! Here is a great video featuring Natasha: Click here

She has used a couple of interesting techniques in making this wine grown in the Wellington area, not far from Paarl. First, she uses grapes from younger and more fruit forward vineyards in combination with more elegant fruit from older vine sites to bring both fruit intensity and grace to the glass. 2% of the fruit is left to dry for a week before pressing, not to increase sugar but for the variation in flavor that allows her to craft the complexity she is seeking. There is also 1% of the blend that is allowed to ferment with skin-contact, making for an additional grip on the palate that would not normally be there. Excellent winemaking and a delicious result!

We think this will be the perfect wines for many occasions in February and beyond!


Cricova Sparkling Rose of Pinot Meunier NV

Not many know but Moldova is making some of the best quality sparkling wines in Europe these days. This lovely rose is a great example of the quality and the value that has us so excited to be working with Cricova and to have Moldova as a cornerstone in our portfolio. All the winemaking and elevage takes place 150 feet underground in the limestone tunnels that were dug out to build the capital city, Chisinau, in the 15th century. Indeed, Cricova has the world’s 2nd largest wine cellars with 75 miles of labyrinthine roads and tunnels all at the perfect temperature and humidity for making and storing wine! Here is a short video to help you understand Cricova’s vast cellar and sparkling production: Click here

The Pinot Meunier grape has played third fiddle to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is Champagne but Meunier has recently begun to make waves and is becoming the new darling. The same climate and limestone soils that make it so special in France are at work with this wine in Moldova. The Meunier has a bit less color than the Pinot Noir but brings more aggressive fruit flavors and firmer acid. You get to experience this in this wine along with a minor hint of sweet fruit ripeness, well balanced by the acidity and the creamy texture of the tiny bubbles.

Pair this wine as a Valentine’s Day 2 pack with the Chateau Peyfaures Dame de Coeur and you have the perfect pairing! The Rose sparkling with the scallops, crab cake or lobster medallions. Follow this with the beautifully elegant Bordeaux and Filet Mignon or Lamb Chops. For dessert, back to the Pinot Meunier with Chocolate dipped strawberries. Then, business time!


Forster Winzerverein Riesling Deidesheimer Herrgottsacker Kabinett 2018

The village of Deidesheim is located in the Pfalz region of Germany, with the Herrgotssacker vineyard being about 600 ft above sea level near the edge of a forest. The slight southeast inclined position of the Herrgottsacker Vineyard is above Deidesheim, offering stunning views of the MittelHaardt. More significantly, this position offers maximum early-day sunlight, retaining significant warmth throughout the growing season. Harvests are often seasonally consistent, thanks to a steady climate and slopes with excellent drainage. This was once part of an ancient churchyard referred to as the “Glory of God”. The light, stony soil produces balanced fruity wines with wonderful acidity with a beam of underlying minerality. While there is no great video of the producer, this video of the town of Deidesheim and the surrounding vineyards give you a sense of place: Click Here

PALATE: Peach and pineapple with a fine finish. Fresh Fruit driven and semi-sweet flavors of white pear, dragon fruit and kiwi flash on the palate with crisp clean acidity. TASTING NOTES: The finish is bright and clean with flavors of lime and wet stone. Complete, complex and beautiful, this wine will satisfy anyone from the novice to the Riesling aficionado."

This will be perfect for Chinese New Year and can help put out the fire from the hot wings during the Super Bowl and the spicy Mardi Gras gumbo!


The Paring Pinot Noir 2018

The Paring is a project developed by the team behind Screaming Eagle, The Hilt and Jonata. It is where the estate grown, younger vine and barrel selection cuts from those prestigious brands go to become excellent, declassified, second label wines! The fruit sources and winemaking are impeccable. Here is a video of Winemaker of the Paring, the Hilt and Jonata, Matt Dees, talking about The Paring line of wines: Click Here

BARREL AGING Aged in French oak (35% new and 65% neutral) for 11 months. Coopers include D&J, Francois Frères, and Remond. Winemaker's Notes: Completely seductive wine. Nose of blackberries and rosemary. Succulent and sweet red fruit. Savory notes and mouth coating tannins round out this harmonious and complete pinot noir.

We see this wine as versatile choice for February. It fits with many Valentine’s Day meal choices; it would be a great wine to drink while watching the big game, a fantastic pairing with jambalaya for Mardi Gras and spot on for five spice duck breast for the Chinese New year!


Chateau Peyfaures Dame de Coeur 2015

A Stellar Bordeaux Superieur in a fantastic vintage! Established in 1830 in the hamlet of Genissac in eastern Entre-deux-Mers, just a stone’s throw across the Dordogne River from Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, is Chateau Peyfaures, an estate designated Bordeaux Superieur. The estate's vines are planted in the clay-limestone and cared for using organic and biodynamic practices. Word got around to us from one of our best customers that the Chateau made wonderful wines and had no presence in the USA. We met with the owner, tried his wines and jumped to become the first US distributor. Here is a short video that shows the estate, you can see how close they are to the river, and Pomerol just on the other side, in the last shot: Click Here

The Dame de Coeur du Chateau Peyfaures 2015 contains a blend of 90% Merlot from old vines with 10% Cabernet Franc. The Cabernet Franc here lends a gravelly minerality to round out the ample, fruit-forward Merlot. In the glass, the 2015 vintage of the Chateau Peyfaures Dame de Coeur presents a dark purple color. This is an especially rich wine with a dense structure and a velvet-smooth texture. Its palate is ripe and juicy, with concentrated blackcurrant flavors.

We suggest pairing this wine with the Cricova Sparkling Rose of Pinot Meunier as a 2 pack for Valentine’s Day! This elegant and smooth Bordeaux can work with the main course and the bubbly can both start and close the meal! It is a wonderful bottle of wine before and after Valentine’s Day and worthy of stocking up while the deal is in place.

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