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Fred is a celebration of the gathering of all cultures around wine. It recognizes that wine culture is something new and different today. It is global, it is multi-cultural, it is multi gender, and it is all ages and backgrounds. This new wine culture is inclusive, inquisitive, and value-conscious. Fred is Piemonte DOC Barbera, in a stylish 3 Liter box. There has long been a taboo around boxed wine, deserved or not. However, today, it’s hip. This is not just because of the kitsch factor. The eco-friendly elements of boxed wine are exceptionally popular. Bag in box uses less energy to produce and ship. It stores easily. It remains fresh and lasts longer. All of these attributes keep the costs down as well.


Fred Barbera DOC Piemonte


The wine is cool, too. Literally, if you desire, because Fred is quite chillable. This is 100% Barbera from Piemonte. It’s lively and clean, with bouncy, red, fruit, that was aged in cement.

The grapes for this wine are from transitioning organic vineyards in Mombello and Serralunga di Crea. In the winery, a non-interventionalist approach is taken, so that the wine’s natural attributes dominate, unfettered by wood. Plums are central to this wine, visually, on the nose, and indeed on the palate. Brambly, red, berries compliment the plums, along with some enticing earthy notes that do not sit heavy, as the low tannins, and racy acids keep everything zesty. What does all this mean functionally? Pasta and tomato sauces are a great pairing. Margherita pizza is another likely ally. Or, you can pick up some burgers and fries, a couple of break-proof tumblers, and drag a box of this along to the park.




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