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The estate has been in the same family since the Middle Ages, at least 1000 years. It is considered one of the oldest family wine businesses in Italy. Located west of Venice in the Euganean Hills. The vineyards are on the slopes of La Montecchia hill. Giordano is the current owner/operator. The Villa Emo Capodilista is a an ancient, frescoed hunting lodge. The lodge sits atop a volcanic hill, which sits on the northern border of the Colli Euganei. The lodge is surrounded by 45 hectares of vines. Giordano resides in a “fortified farmhouse” called the Castello di Mottolo, at the base of the hill. The Villa is an agriturismo rental today.


Winemaking in the  Euganean Hills is believed to go back as far as the first century AD. The entire region consists of some 2500 hectares of vines. As the Adriatic coast is only 40km away, this area benefits from a Mediterranean climate.





This wine is 100% Glera. The wines are harvested when the acidity is ideal, vinified as a white wine, and then fermented in stainless steel. The wine is left on the lees until the secondary fermentation process. Bubbles are produced using the Marinotti method (Charmat). The wine is fermented secondarily in autoclave for a few weeks, and the wine remains on the lees for a few months thereafter. This Prosecco is medium dry, extremely floral, and of course, very lemony!  The bubbles are fine, and as the wine is quite dry and crispy, this is a very excellent wine for Popeyes fried chicken, a California roll with plenty of fish roe, or blue corn tortilla chips with white cheddar and Jalapeno, pimento cheese.

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