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Located in Morgon, the Gaget family have their winery and some of their vineyards in the Cote du Py, an ancient, extinct volcano. This site is largely granite, and considered among the best vineyards in Morgan. Additionally, they have holdings in the Grands-Cras vineyard. All in, they own 11 hectares. Domaine Gaget grows Chardonnay as well as Gamay, and previously only sold to local cooperatves, but in 1984, under the guidance of Maurice Gaget,  they decided to begin bottling their own wines. His son, Mikael, carries on as head of operations, having previously completed his studies in enology. Since 1999, he has endeavoured to direct the now 4th generation Domaine toward a healthy blend of tradition and modernism. One of his first moves was to acquire just under 2 hectares of old vines in Fleurie, at the peak of the fabled pink granite slopes of “La Madone.” Acquisition of 1 hectare at Grand Cras, at the base of Cote du Py, came next. These old vines were essentially part of the Gaget family’s history. Planted to old Gamay vines, and composed of blue granite, the grapes from this site go entirely to their wine Vinum Memoria.


Vinum Memoria


100% Gamay, this is from a single, 1 hectare plot, south of the Domaine, near the village of Sainte-Etienne-La Varenne. These are 90+ year old vines, around the original site where Mikael’s grandparents lived. This is an organic wine, from grapes grown without pesticides and herbicides, and produced without sulfur. With soft tannins, purply fruit, and mild earthiness, this Beaujolais remains bouncy thanks to terrific levels of acid.

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