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The Story


Domaine Laurent Cognard is based in Buxy, within the Montagny appellation, an area at the southern end of the Burgundian region of the  Côte Chalonnaise.


Laurent Cognard, a local from a local family, acquired his first vineyard in 1997. In 2006 he became a full time winemaker, tending to 5.5 hectares. Today, he manages 18 hectares in Montagny, Mercurey, and Loché, including 6.4 hectares of Montagny premier cru.


Initially based in an ancient prison, the domaine’s HQ was eventually relocated to Château de Buxy. Eventually a tasting room, cellar, and modern equipment were added in, befitting a growing winery.


Montagny Blanc  Premier Cru « Les Bassets » 2019

100% Chardonnay from within the Montagny-Lès-Buxy sub region. Aged n 500L oak barrels. Les Bassets was acquired in 2002 from his parents. This was his first Premier Cru from Montagny, and therefore serves as a sort of flag ship for what Domaine Cognard is all about. Les Bassets is near Buxy and is dived between the lower part, which is classified Village, and the upper part is Premier Cru. This upper part is nearly 6 hectares and is owned entirely by Laurent Cognard. The exposure is to the east, and is made up mostly of Limestone. Because of this soil this wine offers a lot of minerality, complimented by the cooler winds from the west, resulting in a leaner, more vibrant style of Burgundy Chardonnay. Admirers of Chablis will certainly enjoy this.

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