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Officially recognized in 1993, Cheverny is legally a fairly young appellation. Additionally, it is relatively small, comprised of 574 hectares over 24 communes in the greater Touraine region of the Loire Valley. This area was originally established around abbeys during the middle ages. As wine production continued to expand further away from Paris, these small regions continued to emerge, and their wine cultures and quality continued to improve.


The estate of Domaine Sauger has been a family owned operation since 1870. In 1920, the grandfather of current owner, Philippe, worked 4 hectares which he sold to a local négociant. In 1958, Marcel, Philippe’s father replanted vines due to Phylloxera. In 1972, they were planted to Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and other international varieties. In 1988, after receiving a diploma in Viticulture and Oenology, and following internships, Philippe took over the family estate. His first move was to replace all other agricultural products with grapes. This brought the vineyard up to 7 hectares. Philippe continued focusing on the vines, while developing a nursery to provide for the future. Meanwhile, modernization in the winery became a priority.  He focused on the acquisition of temperature controlled tanks, which are essential to the production of fresher, more complex wines.


Today, Domaine Sauger operates 30 hectares on the left bank of the Loire. The soils are sandy clay. The vineyards are in the heart of Loire-et-Cher and the Chateaux of the Loire. The climate here is oceanic, tempered by the summer, and influenced by the national forests of Sologne.


Cheverny Blanc


Made from 80/20 Sauvignon& Chardonnay, vinified separately. The wine is macerated, including regular pumpovers for 8-12 days under controlled temperatures. Malolactic fermentation is carried out under controlled temperatures as well. Aging is done in stainless stell for 4-6 months. The weight of the chardonnay, perfectly adds body and elegance to the zesty sauvignon. Fruit notes tend towards green, particularly apple, and melons. Pairing options are vast, as this has zest and roundness. Scallops with braised leeks, asparagus and prosciutto, and/or roasted halibut are ideal matches.


Cheverny Rouge Vieilles Vignes Rouge


Here we have a blend of Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Cot (Malbec). Fermentation is in temperature controlled vats for12-20 days, with pumpovers once or twice daily. 50% of the wine is carried out in old barriques for a total of 12 months. The other half remains in stainless steel. The Pinot and Gamay tend to dominate, resulting in a fresh, fruity wine, replete with cherries, red plums, and raspberries. There is a goodish amount of earth, well integrated into the wine. Roasted meat, duck, and aged cheeses are ideal.

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