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This is a collaboration between an 18th century family estate in the South of France, and the boys and girls at Crazy Beautiful Wines. Founded in 2008, CBW was founded by Jimmy and Jack Gallivan. After several trips to Argentina, the brothers started shipping small amounts of wine to the US. Their unique model is to partner with small farmers, growers, and winemakers, from iconic world wine regions, to produce quality, well-priced, stylish, wine, entirely in 1 Liter format. Jolie Folle (Crazy Beautiful en Francais) is IGP Mediterranee, and annually blended to a style. The soils of this area are layered gravel and clay, with a base of Mediterranean limestone. The climate is distinctly Mediterranean, with warm, dry, summers, mild winters, very little snow and rain, and tons of happy sun. The area is additionally influenced by the Camargue delta to the west, and the Alps de Haute Provence in the East, which provides cool, blustery winds.


Winemaking is fairly straightforward. The grapes are hand picked at night to aid in the retention of natural acid, preserving freshness. Upon arrival at the winery, they are expeditiously pneumatically pressed. The juice is then cold fermented in temperature controlled, stainless steel tanks for 15 days.


Rose IGP Mediteranee One Liter


Although subtleties can exist between vintages, typically, this wine is a South of France mosaic of 30% Syrah, 25% Merlot, 25% Grenache, 15% Caladoc, and 5% from the white grape Ugni Blanc. Most of these grapes are international varieties and well known to most. However, two of these Ugni Blanc, and Caladoc, require some explanation. The former, is the most prolific white grape in France, thanks largely to its use in the production of Cognac and Armagnac, both distilled beverages. In Italy, Ugni Blanc is known as Trebbiano, and is there one of the most prolific white grapes, thanks largely to its use in Balsamic Vinegar, was well as in blends, and on its own, thanks to its bracing acidity. Caladoc is a uniquely French cross variety. Its parentage is Grenache and Malbec, and it was developed in 1958 at the National Institute of Agricultural Research in Paris. Grape breeder, Paul Truel is responsible for propagating the grape with the objective of creating a vine that could grow in southern France, and was less prone to coulure, which is the failure of grapes to develop in the aftermath of flowering.


This wine is decidedly light, salmony, pink in colour, very typical of the South of France. The nose is very clean, with hints of wild strawberry, candied watermelon, and subtle tart cherry. Very dry, with a great fruit to herbs & earth ratio, the acid elevates it to absolute beach bevvy status. French rose is well known to pair with countless foods. However, the producers of this wine suggest it goes well with “Lovers, Family, and Friends.”

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