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Les Champs de L’Abbaye

The Story

Alain and Isabelle Hasard were normal Parisiennes with an interest in wine, but no formal experience. In 1997, they purchased vineyards in the Côte Chalonnaise DGC (Dénomination Géographique Complémentaire)of Côtes du Couchois. Immediately they decided operate naturally. They became certified organic in 1999, and then went on to receive biodynamic certification from Demeter. They specifically reduce yields, do not use chemicals in the vineyards, and do not use additives in the winery. Additionally, all wines are fermented using native yeasts, and are unfined and unfiltered. Essentially, the objective is to offer a pure expression of each site and vintage.


 The Côtes du Couchois sits among the villages of Couches, for which it takes its name, as well as Dracy-les-Couches, Saint-Maurice-les-Couches, Saint-Sernin du Plain, Saint-Jean de Trezy, and Saint-Pierre de Varenne. Presently it covers around 250 hectares.


Today, Alain and Isabelle produce wines from multiple parcels in central burgundy including Mercurey, Rully, and Monthelie.


 Monthelie, like Meursault is just north inside of the Côte de Beaune. This region produces both red and white wine, although it is overwhelmingly planted to Pinot Noir. Soils here are marl, and as such are very well drained. Additionally, vineyards are planted on slopes and therefore both drainage and aspect are highly suitable for producing exceptional fruit.


Monthelie Les Sous Roches Blanc

This wine is fermented with native yeasts in oak barrels, with 30% of them new. Unlike most of their production, this wine is gently fined and filtered on cellulose plates, for the purpose of clarification.



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