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Founded in 1997 by Yorgos and Elli Tsimbidis, their desire was to revive a lost wine culture in their beloved region of Monemvasia, a peninsular region within Laconia, on the greater peninsular region of Peloponnese. Central to their concept was the rebirth of the medieval variety of Malvasia, which led to the unearthing of other local varieties, relegated to obscurity; Monemvasia, Kydonitsa, Asproudi, and Mavroudi. Eco-friendly practices are employed on their 30 hectares of now organic vineyards.


It is believed that wine was made in Monemvasia at least 900 years ago. During the era of Ottoman rule, the vineyards were destroyed. Therefore, from the 1500’s until recently, there were no active commercial vineyards in this seemingly ideal region. The Tsimbidis along with Dr. Stavroula Kourakou-Dragona and help from the Wine Institute and the Agriculture Universities of both Athens and Thessaloniki, The Malvasia Project was born to revive this ancient region, and the indigenous grapes within, as well as the historic style of wine, popular five centuries prior. The momentum of this project has brought renewed interest to this region, and helped advance the efforts of the Monemvasia Winery, and the humble mission of the Tsimbidis family.


Voltes White


Derived from Roditis and Moschofilero, and made in stainless steel, the voltes white is meant to be a fresh, simple, pure expression of what wine in this region might be, and indeed, what life in this somewhat remote part of Greece might be like, to the romantic. With ample, yet not aggressive acid, a brief resting on the fine lees to deliver a supple mouth feel, we have a wine teetering gracefully between zippy & elegant.  Voltes is floral, and peachy, with hints of Granny Smith Apple. It is a proper porch pounder.




Bottled with an impeccably cool label, La-Lu-Di is 100% Moschofilero, designated PGI Peloponnese, as this is a blend of grapes from cooperating producers in the area of Mantinia. It is fermented and aged in stainless steel at cool temperatures, and rested on the lees. Typical of the variety, it is peachy, lemony, with some spices and herbs, as well as intense floral layers.  It is like an exotic perfume, with some grounding notes of familiarity.




If there is one place on the mainland that shares commonality with Assyrtiko’s home of Santorini, it is Monemvasia; a peninsula on an peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean. As is typical of Santorini, Monemvasia offers proximity to salt water, a very arid climate, ample winds, and a similarly high diurnal shift. As a result, for a fraction of the cost of Santorini, the Monemvasia Assyrtiko is muted citrus, citrus oils, mild stone fruit, grapefruit, brininess, most significant, ample acid and intense minerality. Additionally, the viscosity, and borderline full body is also typical of traditional Santorini Assyrtiko.


Voltes Red is a co-fermentation of Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi, blended to be a simple, pleasant, medium-bodied, red. Like its white counterpart, it over delivers. With red and purple hews, hints of blackberries, coffee, and licorice, the consumer gets a wide array of colours. The tannins are soft, and the wine is balanced and unpretentious, making this a very versatile wine. Moreover, it is priced as such, that with smart marketing and/or a well-trained staff, this is an ideal By-the-glass option.

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