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The name Ronco Dei Tassi means “the terrace of the badgers” in the Friulian dialect. This pays homage to the badges that like to visit the terraced vineyards. Currently the Ronco dei Tassi estate is over 30 hectares, 18 of which are planted to vines. The remainder are left alone. These forests are considered by the family to be vital for maintaining the diversity and health of the property, especially the vineyards. Additionally, they feel that it is important to employ these sustainable practices to ensure the health of the vineyard in the future.  All of this is adjacent to the Plessiva National Park.


Philosophically, they prefer to make the wine in the vineyard. The objective is to deliver the best fruit possible to the winery, and do as little as possible to the grapes. The result is wines that are place-driven, seasonally-driven, fresh, lively, and expressive.


The company was started in 1989 by Fabio Coser. He had spent years as consulting enologist in the region. Over the years, as a result of his work, he became intimately familiar with Collio and its vineyards. Therefore, when he decided to settle into his own project, he was able to select vineyard sites that perfectly suited his ambitions. Eventually, along with his wife, Daniela, sons Matteo and Enrico have joined their parents in running this family owned operation, which grew from its original 9 hectares to it’s current size. The technologically advanced winery is entirely underground. . It also contains a cellar which can house over 300 barrels.


In addition to their flagship line, Ronco dei Tassi also offers two other lines of wines. Clic is their “begginers” series, featuring varietally-labelled wines, in stylish branding, at very affordable pricing. This line is meant to introduce a new generation of wine lovers to the wonders of Friuli. The Vigna Del Lauro line is a parallel, yet separate project. Based in the town of Cormons, smack in the heart of Collio, this is from a winery which is constructed of multiple small vineyards at varying altitudes between140 and 200 meters above sea level. Total production is just 6,000 cases.


Clic Pinot Grigio Venezia Giulia IGT


The Clic label was created as an entry level brand to introduce a new generation of wines to younger consumers. The name “Clic” is an idiomatic expression in the Friulian dialect meaning “a quick drink with a friend.” This is 100% Pinot Grigio sourced from both the estate and from neighbouring growers in Collio and Isonzo, from vines averaging over 20 years of age. This wine is very dry, upper medium bodied, and with a rich mouthfeel, replete with golden apple and apple skin, white peppery dried peaches, dried pineapple, yellow flowers, and cashew butter. This is excellent for the veranda or with butter poached bay scallops and herbs.





Clic Sauvignon Blanc Venezia Giulia IGT


The Clic label was created as an entry level brand to introduce a new generation of wines to younger consumers. The name “Clic” is an idiomatic expression in the Friulian dialect meaning “a quick drink with a friend.” Sauvignon Blanc has emerged as the international rockstar of Friuili. Stylistically, this Savvy is kind of a composite of the grapes famed region; Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Marlborough, et cetera. This is a citrus and mineral driven wine, herbaceous, with tart green apple, lime, and a touch of underripe honeydew. The acid is quite bracing and tingly here, so one must be careful with any alkaline foods. This would be fantastic with a crispy corn tortilla, smothered with lime drizzled avocado, chicken salad with green apples, green onions and lots of fresh herbs, or asparagus with aged Gouda and crispy pancetta.


Click Cabernet Sauvignon Venezie IGT


This is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from 30 year old vines. Clean and unoaked, this is juicy, varietally-correct Cab; blackberries, cassis, and dark brambly fruit, with just a hint of tell-tale green pepper. The tannins are modest, the acid is moderate, and the alcohol is smack in the middle. Linguine with a rich red meat sauce, a juicy burger with aged cheddar, or roasted bell peppers stuffed with paprika seasoned rice are all chums to this friendly, bouncy, red.  


Ronco Dei Tassi Sauvignon Blanc DOC Collio


This is 100% Sauvignon from 4 clones grown at the 3 hectare site at Volparia, which has eastern exposure. The vineyard altitude is around 150meters, and the vines average 20 years of age. This Sauvignon is fermented and aged in stainless steel  tanks. Partial malolactic conversion takes place in used oak barriques. This is the Sancerre to the Clic’s Touraine. Brisk acidity is tempered to elegance with edges rounded off, enveloping breathtaking lucidity in the green fruit offered up, along with river rocks, fresh green herbs, lime zest, white pepper, pomelo, and just a touch of exotics such as passionfruit. As an aperitif, this will set a very high bar for the rest of the evening. Frisee and endive with smoked salmon and a peppery vinaigrette would be stunning with this complex Savvy.


Vigna del Lauro Chardonnay


This is 100% Chardonnay from 25 year old vines, vinified entirely in stainless steel tanks. These non-intrusive practices, combined with the region’s natural attributes, result in wines that are Fresh, minerally, and precise. This is pure Chardonnay, offering crispy green apples, crisp honeydew melon, and honeysuckle. This a Chardonnay for those who “don’t like Chardonnay.” Lovers of Sauvignon Blanc or Albarino will find this appealing. Drink this with a crispy salad with walnuts, green apples, and golden raspberries.




Vigna del Lauro Cabernet Franc Isonzo


This is 100% Cabernet Franc from 30 year old vines. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Secondary fermentation and aging takes place in small oak barrels. This is varietally pure Cab Franc; dark fruit, medium body, medium tannins, medium acid, a cheeky touch of green bell pepper. From vintage to vintage, this is as above, with  12.5% alcohol, and sometimes a bit of funky earthiness, not unlike Chinon. This would be lovely with lamb chops and rosemary, mushroom duxelles, or chilled with grilled tuna marinated in sesame and fish sauce.













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