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Originally a seafaring family from Ntomata, Kefalonia, the Sklavou family settled in Russia in the 1700’s. In the mid 19th century, great grandfather, Evryviadis started a winery in Odessa, modern day Ukraine. Following the Russian Revolution, he returned to Kefalonia and planted some 20 hectares of vines in the area of Kechrion, in Palli. Flash to 1990, Evryviadis’ great grand son, Spyros, set about modernizing and revamping the old vineyard planted to Mavrodaphne, Kefallinias, and Vostilidi, following biodynamic principals. In 2015 the company was reorganized as an LLC under the name Sklavos-Zisimatos Winery and Vineyards LTD. The vineyards and production continue to be on a smaller scale, sourcing fruit from the old vines, averaging 70 years of age, and operating organically and biodynamically. Despite the poor soils, ideal for grape growing, biodiversity is also an objective, as vines share space with forests and olive groves. In addition to meeting the objectives of operating in harmony with nature, the added benefit are a singular terroir. Harvest is done by hand, and sorting, destemming, and press are all carried out in a neutral, modern, environment. 


Vino di Sasso


A wine from the stone, as the Italians liked to call this Robola. Hailing from altitudes well over 650m, from vines planted in the 90’s, it is the fragmented limestone that drives the intense minerality that defines this luscious, exotic, wine. Although this wine is not consistently the same from vintage to vintage, it is uniformly complex. Citrus zest, honeysuckle, exotic floral hews, caramel apples, dried pears, mountain creek rocks, and on and on often have a seat at the table. As a natural wine, the colours and textures are allowed to flow at will to an extent, offering more of an impression, than a portrait. The pairing options are limitless, as the acid is ample. Still, torchon de fois gras, chicken liver pate, grilled oysters all leap to mind.




Made from 100% Vostilidi, from 90 year old, self rooting stems, this is a very rare wine. The vineyards are in Kechrionas, Palli. Employing biodynamic methods, the old vines are very low yield, and fairly early ripening. The juice and skins remain in contact, so although this is a white grape, it is vinified orange. This makes for an intense, slightly oxydised wine, fermented in 500L French oak barrels. Fruit characteristics are largely dried, and at times raisined. Marcona almonds, very long aged hard cheeses, and long cured meats are ideal companions. French oak barrels. It is Demeter certified. 




From all estate fruit, on slopes around 550m, this is a native yeast, Foudre fermented, purely and natural Robola. Unfined, unfiltered, what flows forth from these feral foundations is the grape at its absolute purist, wild aromas, jittery acids, rich textures, intense dried citrus notes, and hints of stone fruit.




Made from 100% Mavrodaphne, grown on the peninsula of Paliki, at the lower altitude of 50 to 150 meters, this is the only red on offer from Sclavos in Virginia. The grapes for this are cultivated traditionally by contracted growers. The soils are varied from clay/calcareous to limestone. The vines average age is over forty years. Winemaking is biodynamic, using native yeasts. Aging is done for a year in medium to large French oak barrels. This is a farily intense wine, brambly, with elegant tannins, purple fruits, hints of vanilla, blackberries, earthy, but not heavy.


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