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Ana Chardonnay Jidvei Winery Romania

Wine growing and viticulture have a long history in the Tarnave Region and were mentioned by Herodotus in 600 BC. In this area, the viticulture has developed gradually but it thrived in the 12th century, after the arrival of Saxon settlers from the Mosel and Rhine Valleys. Jidvei is the most famous Romanian producer of premium dry and medium dry white wines. Based in the heart of Transylvania, Jidvei’s vineyard spread on more than 2500 hectares alongside the Tarnave River, in one of the country’s oldest wine regions.

Ana Chardonnay is left to ferment in traditional Romanian 400-600 liters oak barrels from Transylvania, then allowed to mature on the fine lees. It has a perfect aromatic persistence of peach and beeswax with a slightly woody, creamy buttery end and leaves a lingering aftertaste. The castles tell a story about knights, noblemen and chivalry, but in Tarnave Valley they also tell a story about wine, they are a symbol of ancient tradition in the art of vine-growing and winemaking. We invite you to discover this beautiful tradition with a glass of "Owner's Choice" Ana - Chardonnay wine, satisfaction is guaranteed by The Owner. 

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